Tulip Global Trade (The Owner of This Website) has been established in Cairo / Egypt in 1997 as a trade company for home accessories imported in particular from Spain & Italy. After 8 years of successful operation in the local market the prevailing conditions changed and it was necessary to terminate the company. Alternatively, we incorporated the company with the same name in Delaware / USA in 2005 and decided it to be a Virtual Company with ONLINE activities only.

The 3 Owners being Engineers concentrated on learning the Website Design & ecommerce and got Diplomas upon completing the necessary courses. Websites have been built for the company using many software tools and we selected Blogging & ecommerce as the main activities. Our Blog websites have been very successful and 2 of the 3 could collect around 60 K subscribers each but the ecommerce websites were not successful for many reasons related to the complexity of the goods’ movement across borders especially with the abrupt changes in the local and international rules. Accordingly, we adopted the Dropshipping concept and changed our websites to cope with this new direction.

Recently along the past few years we had to include Affiliate Marketing to our online activities due to the recession in the international market.

Along the journey of longer than 17 years we faced a lot of different types of experience like spam, shiny objects syndrome with spending thousands of dollars, applying many of the software tools for most of the online activities in addition to adapting our business plan periodically to suit every time span. Accordingly, we became familiar with what gives positive results and what is a waste of time, effort and money.

Currently, Tulip Global Trade has the following websites:


https://onlinesuccesstarget.com  (Under Re-building)


https://tulipglobalgroup.com       (Under Re-Building)

https://happylifetarget.com         (Under Construction)

We are very delighted to share the outcome of our online journey with all of you through the content of these websites